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The old library was a sprawling complex of stone tiles and stone walls, fitted with tomes gathered from the Realms’ highs and lows. It was usually very silent, aside from the occasional muted sighs of pages being ardently turned, or the occasional booming slander of the avidly unlearned. Thor would be that unlearned, stubbornly uninitiated. When they had been younger Loki had to drag him along, kicking and screaming and spewing vile threats whenever their tutor would send them down there.

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This was in my suggestions today and I really wanted to do a Thorki version because I can so see it……………..

Hello I just love messy Loki with dishevelled hair. It is one of my favourite look of Loki. Are you going to draw more of this? You have made me happy with you last sketch.


I love it too, I have one more sketch here hehe. 


Alhough it hurts me in so many levels T_T

His appearance is a demonstration of how he thought he had things under control, but no, he has never had things under control.


omg when loki says “so tight” he’s looking at thor

he’s not looking at the costume

he’s looking at thor

in fact he takes a step closer and LEANS IN to say it

making sure thor is WELL AWARE of what’s tight

L: I…i hate you…Thor.

 Hate me rather….please!

T: no…I don’t hate you. Brother…